3 ways to add custom code to your WordPress site

The longer you use WordPress to power your website or blog, there will come a time when you want to tweak a plugin, add a custom code snippet, or change some styling for your WordPress site.

Making these changes is very much possible! And there are several ways to accomplish this. Unfortunately, many users make these changes in the wrong way. For example, some people add custom code snippets directly to their theme’s functions.php file; this is an incorrect way, as any update to your active theme will remove your custom code.

Do you know that some site owners do not update their themes or plugins to avoid overriding their changes? Updating a theme or plugin in WordPress is vital because updates may contain security or bug fixes and new features that you’ll want to use.

So, since tweaking a theme or plugins may become necessary with time, what are the best practices?

While there are several ways to add custom code to WordPress sites, we are highlighting three of the most straightforward methods:

  1. Using the Code Snippets Plugin
  2. Creating a Custom Plugin
  3. Creating a Child Theme

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