Speed Optimization Service

Every website must meet a certain speed requirement to ensure their customers are not tempted to abandon ship when they visit. Ask for any Speed Optimization Service below. Purchase this add-on and we would: Optimize Images CDN Support Minify Javascript and CSS Optimize Mobile Experience Render-Blocking Resources Lazy Loading Images Leverage Browser Caching Enable Compression…...

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SEO Optimization

What is SEO? SEO is the process of making your site rank as high as possible on Google, Bing, and Yahoo with great content, backlinks, structured data, and more. This is important for any web page on a website that needs to improve its visibility online via Search engines. Purchase this add-on SEO Optimization, and…...

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Custom Request Form

Do you need a service that is not listed on our website? Then, please, get in touch with us via the Custom Request Form below? For any question, please contact us…. This content requires that you purchase additional access. The price is $0.99.Click here to checkout...

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How To Create Email via cPanel

Communication has evolved a lot over the decade, with most businesses going online. This has created a necessity of having a credible online identity and genuine communication channels. One of the easiest and most preferred channels of communication nowadays is via email.  Having a private email has tons of advantages like improving trust, reducing spam (more…)

How to Secure your WordPress Hosting Account

Seven. “There are seven things your hosting provider must do to secure your WordPress site”, stated the Wordfence Team on October 27. For DIY website owners, here (below) is a direct punch I invite you to watch and practice.  On securing your WordPress Hosting! Related post : WordPress News, Hacks, Tips & Tricks Compiled just (more…)

How do you create a custom page template in WordPress?

This was one hell of a rabbit hole that took me hours due to no programming experience. However, I followed the directions in this link, and hurray, I achieved what I wanted. Please note, after uploading the custompage.php file, I used the text editor in my Cpanel file manager to add the codes, not ftp. (more…)

THREE ways to install WordPress Themes and Plugins

To install WordPress themes and plugins is a very simple task. There are almost three ways or methods of installing a plugin or theme. WordPress themes and plugins can be downloaded from the WordPress repository here. There are three ways to install WordPress Themes and Plugins. THEME To activate a theme follow the following steps: (more…)

How to Install WordPress In a Local Environment

To install WordPress in a local Environment can sometimes be a bit tricky. This is a step-by-step guide to help through. When starting your WordPress development for the first time, it’s not advisable to start doing so live, especially in Nigeria. The data rates in this part of the world are very high. So by (more…)

How to set up local WordPress Development Environment

WordPress, like other website development software, requires a server to function to set up a local WordPress Development Environment. The popular ones out there are XAMPP & WAMP for windows and LAMP for Linux. In this tutorial, I will walk you through installing XAMPP for windows. The steps are almost similar for both, so whichever (more…)

Set your country code as default in Caldera forms?

For instance, we reside in Nigeria and sell our services to consumers. So our phone number fields on our forms should naturally read +234, right? Strictly follow these steps in this post to set your country code as default in Caldera forms. Please note it is not advisable to make edits to your theme files (more…)